We have a world to transform

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. To meet these challenges, science and technology must be placed at the service of the common good.

Organisations therefore need new generations of innovative engineers and managers who are open to cooperation and to the international arena, and who have a strong sense of responsibility.

Centrale Marseille has its roots in a dynamic and scientific history. Today, Centrale Marseille is transforming itself to meet the challenges of its time and is adapting its commitments, responsibilities and mission and reaffirming its values.


To train, research and innovate to enable our students to become scientific managers who will help transform organisations and the world.


  • Exigence

  • Research for the common good

  • Innovation

  • Opening up to others and the world

To achieve this mission, Centrale Marseille has set itself five commitments:

  • To train Centraliens engineers with a sense of commitment: generalists with a high scientific and technical level, experts in launching and managing innovative projects and with a strong international culture

  • Cultivate a pioneering pedagogy and offer each learner the best course combining theory and experience to accompany them in their transformation.

  • Conduct a policy of partnerships based on ambitious and selective projects (based on innovation and responsibility criteria) with companies and institutions in the local ecosystem

  • Develop research and its valorisation on an international scale and disseminate scientific culture

  • Ensure our public service mission and base all our actions on the three pillars: Spirit of Innovation, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Openness and Cooperation


By structure and by name, Centrale Marseille is an École Centrale. As such, it shares with the other Écoles Centrale the same access procedures, pedagogical model and international relations.