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A word from the Director

Centrale Marseille is a young and dynamic school and participates in all the major changes taking place in today’s diverse society through being its membership of a network of top-ranking schools and universities around the world. Its curriculum ensures that Centrale Marseille engineers acquire the solid scientific and technical skills necessary for developing their capacity for integration and synthesis, creativity and innovation, together with the essential qualities for their future role: entrepreneurship, management, sharing, communications and leadership.

To achieve this goal, Centrale Marseille has established a teaching programme of high-quality scientific courses, drawing on its collaboration with business partners and its exceptional opportunities for research, thanks to the quality and variety of its laboratories. Nurtured in a strong international and managerial culture, Centrale Marseille’s programme develops and valorizes the social and human aspects of the engineer’s role in our society today and prepares each student to face the challenges in the world of tomorrow.

Graduates from the École Centrale Marseille will have mastered concepts and methods in a wide range of professional fields and sectors. As students progress from one year to the next, their studies become more personalized through their choices which will lay the foundation for their future career, while benefiting from advice throughout their course programme. This approach allows them to select from an impressive array of personalized courses and options for furthering their professional career both in France and overseas.

In order to help each student develop their talents, the École Centrale Marseille supports and encourages a number of extra-curricular activities. Benefiting from this exceptional environment, students can choose from a veritable smorgasbord of clubs and associations. By their involvement in these activities, taking responsibility and testing their capacity of independent action, and developing their sense of initiative, Centrale Marseille’s future graduates will acquire additional skills which will allow them to acquire the best possible aptitudes for their entry into the world of professional employment.

This is our School, a university solidly grounded in the world of entrepreneurship, through the presence of business representatives in its governing bodies, and actively participating in France’s Group of Écoles Centrales.  It is a great school, an ambitious school, open to all worlds, respectful of choices made by students, and conscious of its responsibilities.

Frédéric Fotiadu