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Student facilities

Centrale Marseille library

Open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.


Centrale Marseille’s is an open-stack library, reserved for Centrale Marseille and Université de Provence students and staff. It is run in collaboration with the library of the Université de Provence and the IMT library. It offers traditional documentation and gives access to various sources of information (e.g. databanks) that are related to Centrale Marseille’s fields of specialisation in higher education and research. In addition to the library’s own stacks, students can access the catalogues of other libraries and research facilities.

  • French and international specialised and general interest newspapers, magazines and reviews
  • Regularly updated files on companies and laboratories working in partnership with Centrale Marseille
  • CD-ROMS and video cassettes
  • Library Services
  • Loans
  • Customised document search
  • Thematic lists by subject area drawn up regularly to facilitate bibliographical research
  • Self-service Internet search Database search Bibliographical assistance


Computer acces (CRI)

Centrale Marseille has a campuswide WiFi network and also Eduroam, the world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community (

There are several self-service computer rooms reserved for students with internet access. Three computer rooms are equiped for laptop computers. The Registry Office will give you an e-mail address (

Each student also has a free web- and storage space of 2 GB. Centrale Marseille uses the Open Source-learning platform Claroline.


Photocopy card (on sale at the "scolarité") : 150 copies = 6.50 € (must be paid by cheque).

Extra-currricular activities

Student life at Centrale Marseille revolves around several student clubs :

The Association des Elèves de Centrale Marseille, run by the the Student Union, the BDE (Bureau des Elèves) organises a range of activities including the Freshers’ Weekend (WEI : week-end d’intégration), regular parties and the annual gala. It coordinates the activities of the various clubs other than those for sport and cultural activities. The BDE is also the main interface between the students and the school administration.

The Association Sportive, run by the BDS (Bureau des sports) organises sports competitions and the participation of the school’s sports teams in various inter-school tournaments (TIE, Challenge Centrale Lyon, Tournoi Inter Centrale, etc.). It also arranges membership for Centrale Marseille students in clubs outside the school for sports such as scuba diving, riding and badminton and organises sporting weekends (skiing, rafting, mountaineering, etc.).

The International Centrale Marseille Students association (iCM) organises events and evenings for and with international students. The introduction week is also organized by them.

The Association Massilia Défi Voile organises sailing activities including Centrale Marseille’s participation in inter-school races such as the EDHEC race.

The Association Ingénieurs Sans Frontières is an NGO that works on overseas aid and development projects.

The Association Artistique et Culturelle, run by the BDA (Bureau des Arts), organises activities focussed on culture and the arts. It arranges social, cultural and public service activities and events both inside the school and outside. The BDA also maintains photographic and audiovisual records of the life of the school.

You like to play music? Come and join the Fanfare !

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