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Practical information

Accomodation, meals, budget, transport


Student Residence Halls (C.U.) CROUS

The CROUS is in charge of the distribution of the rooms in Student Residences. You have to reserve your room before arrival.
Reservations are made via the CROUS website.
NOTE : reception at university residence halls is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. 

Accomodation description in Residence Halls :
Single rooms, around 10 m2 with washbasin. The rooms are very simple and basically furnished. The blankets are supplied but students have to provide their own sheets and towels. There is no possibility of Internet connection in the room. Communal showers and toilets, communal kitchen with cooking rings and refrigerators (which can be rented on arrival).

Foreign students at Centrale Marseille are generally housed in Cité Alice Chatenoud or Cité Claude Delorme, next to Faculté St. Jérôme.

Cité Alice Chatenoud
10 rue Henri Poincaré
13013 Marseille

Cité Claude Delorme
10 chemin du Bassin
13013 Marseille

Rent : For a full academic year, about 135 € per month (tarif «résident») + returnable deposit of 135 €. If you are staying less than 9 months : 180 € per month. You will have to pay three month’s rent and the returnable deposit on arrival.

You must apply for accommodation between the 15th of January and the 30th of April, exclusively through the Aix-Marseille’s CROUS Website:

Les Foyers d’Étudiants

Résidence Château-Gombert
38, rue Joliot Curie
13013 Marseille
Studio: 18-22 m² from 484 €
Contact : +33 (0)4 91 11 73 03 
No Warrant needed !!!   Web site

Housing Anywhere

In order to prepare your arrival in Marseille we encourage you to find a room before your arrival.
We recommend to use, a peer-to-peer platform where our outgoing students can rent out their rooms to incoming students. We warn you that it might be difficult to find an affordable accommodation last minute; therefore we encourage you to use this safe platform to book your room before your arrival. As an exchange student your search for housing possibilities in Marseille on this website is for free, just in case of a concrete booking of a room or a flat an administrative charge has to be paid. 


There are 5 university restaurants in Marseille:

  • R.U. de Château-Gombert : Chemin de la Grave (700 seats) (closed in the evening)
  • R.U. Saint-Jérôme : rue Henri Poincaré (1,000 seats)
  • R.U. Gaston Berger : 43, rue du 141e RIA (1,100 seats) (closed in the evening)
  • R.U. Luminy : 171, avenue de Luminy (750 seats) (closed in the evening)
  • R.U. Galinat : 38, bd Jean-Moulin (800 seats)

Budget - Costs of living

The amount officially requested by the French authorities is 615 € a month, but this amount is insufficient. Obviously, your expenses depend on your way of life. Here is a rough guide for an average budget:

Accomodation Cité U 140 €
University restaurant 150 €
Shopping 150 €
Personal expenses 150 €
Leisure activities (cinema, concert, bar) 50 €
Communication 50 €
Transport 40 €

Total amount 730 €

Additional Expenses

On arrival you will have to pay :

- Tuition fees (for non-exchange programs)
Health insurance (for non-European Community students)
- A returnable deposit for your accomodation (1 to 2 months rent) + trimestrial payment (CROUS);
- Initial expenditure (sheets, towels, cooking utensils, books etc.)

In France you can apply for the APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) accomodation allowance, from the French Government (CAF). The amount varies according to the rent paid and the status of the student. The form you have to fill in can be picked up at the CROUS offices or from the CAF website (

Public Transport

Bus, metro & tramway

Marseille has a bus, metro and tramway network.
There are two metro lines (lines M1 and M2), two tramway lines and a more extensive bus network.

The metro runs from about 5 a.m to 12 p.m. You can use the same card or ticket on different lines (bus and métro).

To get to Centrale Marseille, take metro 3B3 direction ‘La Rose’ and then walk or take bus nr.3B3 to the Technopôle de Château-Gombert.

Tickets for Public Transport 

Your public transport ticket or card should be validated before getting on the bus or subway.

  • Carte TransTick – full fare - With Price per ride : 1,70 € -Several possibilities offered with this ticket: from 1 trip to 10 - Multiuser card giving the advantage to 4 persons traveling with a single ticket with connections on the entire RTM network....
  • Carte TransPass – Full or reduced fares - This personnal card is for a named passenger and carries your photo. It contains a memory in which your personal rights are stored. With this card, you can choose the formula best suited to your travel requirements. It is the only travel card that enables you to benefit from certain reduced rates (period or season rates). The card also includes a rechargeable ‘purse’ which gives you access to full or reduced rates and the metro carparks. You can obtain your card at the RTM Espace Infos or at metro stations (points d’accueil). [more information]

For more information:
L’Espace Infos R.T.M. (Régie des Transports Marseillais)
6, rue des Fabres 13001 Marseille
(Tel. : 04 91 91 92 10)