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Thanks to the skills and specialized research carried out by our professorial staff, Centrale Marseille’s team of highly qualified lecturers/researchers covers a very wide range of disciplines.


To provide scientific and technical courses,the basic and specialized teaching programmes for students, Centrale Marseille employs a staff of permanent and external academic lecturers.

Permanent professorial staff

Centrale Marseille’s academic staff act as both lecturers and researchers in its classes and laboratories. Thanks to their research in collaboration with other national and international institutions, they remain at the cutting edge in their respective fields of interest. They also coordinate teaching programmes and are directly involved in teaching basic scientific courses.

Temporary lecturers

Centrale Marseille has approximately 250 external temporary lecturers:

  • Company personnel from a variety of sectors offering lectures from the business and industry perspective;
  • Lecturers/researchers providing lectures on current research in major research centres that could be transferred to industry;
  • Lecturers in economics and management, culture and the arts from universities and major institutes (Sciences Po, CNRS, management schools, INPI, etc.) and from government agencies.

Thematic groups

Applied and basic research in a wide range of thematic fields:

  • Chemistry Electronics, electrotechnics and automatics
  • Data processing
  • Economics, management and organization sciences 
  • International languages and culture
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Mechanics and process engineering
  • Physics and photonics 
  • Sport

Key figures

  • 24 university professors, plus 2 additional professors
  • 50 lecturers
  • 2 associated teachers (professors or lecturers) currently employed in the private sector
  • 14 high school teachers qualified to teach in tertiary education
  • 3 temporary teachers and researchers on full- or part-time contracts

About the lecturers/researchers and research

64 lecturers/researchers at Centrale Marseille participate in 11 research groups (25 professors and 39 lecturers)
6 are also engineers
2 are Emeritus Professors Of these
64 academics, 54 regularly publish the results of their research and, in 2012, 35 are qualified to supervise PhD students.

The level of publication is more than 80%.