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Spirit of innovation & sense of responsibility: more than a slogan, the quintessence of an identity.


Our strong and long-established identity is founded on a combination of elements.Through its structure and its name, the Ecole Centrale de Marseille is linked to France’s other Engineering Schools, the Écoles Centrales. Its students are recruited through the same application process and its teaching programme and international relationships reflect those of the Écoles Centrales of Lille, Lyon, Nantes and Paris. It develops and promotes exactly the same idea of what makes an engineer.

However, our École Centrale should also be seen retrospectively in terms of its deep-rooted history. Its present situation is the source of many significant characteristics. Finally, it should be measured against its future. By giving priority to issues such as sustainable development and digital technologies, Centrale Marseille’s development is based on strong values and a clear vision of its objectives which result in a deliberate and ambitious strategy for all its activities.