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Governing Boards

The Administration Council (CA)

The Administration Council, whose chairman is elected among external personalities, is composed of 28 members.   The Board determines the general policy of the school and meets at least three times a year.

The Scientific Council (CS)

The role of the Scientific Council is to suggest to the Administration Council the priorities for the research policy, scientific and technical documentation and the allocation of research funding. In particular, the Council is consulted on training programmes, defining the needed qualifications for vacant or requested teaching/research positions, and the distribution of research resources. It is headed by the Director of the establishment.

The Academic Council (CE)

The Academic Council submits proposals to the Administration Council for the guidelines of initial education and continuing training programmes. Furthermore, it prepares initiatives relative to entering professional life as well as the approval of acquired knowledge, and examines the topics falling within its responsibilities, notably the measures that may promote cultural, physical, social or associative activities for students. The Council is the guardian of the political and trade union rights of the students. It is chaired by the school Director.

The Advisory Committees

The Technical Committee (CT)

The Technical Committee is composed of staff representatives appointed by the representative trade union organizations. It is compulsory for them to be consulted on issues relating to the overall management of human resources or the general organization of departments/services.

The Joint Committee of the Institution (CPE)

The CPE is consulted on all staff-related issues and prepares the work of the joint administrative committees on academic or national level.

The Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT)

Its role is to contribute to the protection of the health and safety of employees in the workplace. It analyses the occupational risks to which employees are exposed.


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