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The School is run by a Director, together with an Executive Committee supported by a General Secretary.


The director

Frédéric Fotiadu was appointed Director of Centrale Marseille in November 2009. He is responsible for the School’s management, in accordance with the policies initiated by the Board of Directors. 

The executive Committee

The Executive Committee The Executive Committee assists the Director with implementation of strategy and operations. The Committee members, in addition to the Director, are; 

Laurent Barbieri, Director General of Services
Aline Moulin, Deputy Director General of Service
Fabrice Jacquet, Accounting Officer and Head of the Accounting Office
Carole Deumié, Dean of Studies
Jacques Liandrat, Dean of Research
Christophe Pouet, Dean of International Relations
Guillaume Quiquerez, General Secretary

General Secretary

The General Secretariat staff includes Séverine Lumeau, Director’s Assistant, Marie Barthès, Office Manager and Guillaume Quiquerez, General Secretary.

The General Secretary assists and advises the School Director. He is responsible for organizing the activities of the General Secretariat. His main tasks include:

  • coordination of policy activities with the School Deans (Studies, Research, Business Relations and International Relations) and the General Secretariat;
  • supervision of communication strategy for the School, through the Communication Section;
  • preparation of specific projects at the request from the Director;
  • deputizing for the Director in a variety of circumstances.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has 38 members and its chairman is elected from its external members. It meets at least three times a year and is responsible for decisions on the School’s general policy.

The Academic Council

The Academic Council’s role is to put forward proposals on research, scientific and technical matters and on the distribution of research grants to the Board of Directors. In particular, it is consulted on studies programmes, job profiles for lecturers/researchers, and distribution of research grants. It is chaired by the School Director.

The Studies Council

The Studies Council makes proposals to the Board of Directors on the content of initial and later study programmes, prepares measures relating to future careers and validation of results, reviews issues within its brief and in particular decisions relating to the cultural, sporting, social and associative activities offered to students. It guarantees the political and union freedoms of students. It is chaired by the School Director.

Consultative Committees

The Technical Committee (CT): the Technical Committee is composed of staff representatives designated by trade unions. It must be consulted for advice on issues relating to human resources management and the organisation of general services.

The Joint Establishment Committee (CPE): the CPE is consulted on all individual staff questions and prepares participation in joint academic and national administrative committees

The Committee for Health & Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT): it oversees protection of health and safety for employees and assesses the professional dangers faced by employees

Department of studies

 Organigramme de la direction de la formation (in French)