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The “French engineer”

How to define the engineer ?

“The basic role of the engineer is to resolve often very complex technological and concrete problems in the conceptualization, realisation and operation of products, systems and services. This ability is based on a body of technical knowledge, on the one hand, and awareness of economic, social and human issues, on the other, together with a solid training in engineering science”. (source: CTI)

In France, there are 220 engineering schools recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (through the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI)).
This Committee carries out regular reviews of French engineering schools in order to ensure the quality and performance of their scientific and professional courses they offer, together with their international reputation, influence and research carried out in their laboratories.
The engineering degree is recognized as the equivalent of a Masters university degree, which requires five years of study after the baccalauréat.

To obtain an engineering diploma, students must undertake a programme of studies in two phases:

  • two years in a preparatory school (Classes préparatoires) for the Grandes Ecoles, which includes very intensive courses (among the most demanding programmes in the world) prior to passing a highly competitive examination, which is specific to France,
  • followed by three years in an engineering school (Grandes Ecoles).

Engineering students must be able to adapt to fields outside their specialization by developing a solid base of theoretical knowledge in science and management and practical experience in engineering (at least two internships in the business or industrial sector). The close relations that engineering schools have developed with industry and business are a major factor in the quality of their teaching and professional programmes. In addition, engineering students are encouraged to travel abroad with a semester in a partner university or an internship in a business or industrial company. International travel is obligatory for all students.

They will also have an opportunity to obtain a double degree through partnerships with other international or national universities.