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The Écoles Centrales

The Écoles Centrales Group

The Ecoles Centrales Group was created in 1990 following the decision by schools with a comparable approach in order to create synergies and greater visibility on the international scene.

The 5 Écoles Centrales (Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, and Marseille) share the same attitude towards training students to become high-quality general engineers and have set common objectives:

  • to harmonize educational programmes and recruitment of students in France and abroad;
  • to exchange significant numbers of third-year students through the complementarity of their courses;
  • to coordinate policy and affirm complementarity of their research;
  • to extend their relationships with enterprise;
  • to develop their policy on international relations;
  • to promote the concept of the École Centrale in France and abroad with other institutions and the world of business.

Importance of the network

The Écoles Centrales Group confers degrees on nearly 1500 engineers. The five Ecoles Centrales together employ nearly 800 permanent lecturers and researchers, 2,000 external lecturers and produce 12% of research carried out by French engineering institutes. Together, they are as large, and have the same potential, as institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Technische Universität Berlin and Polytechnic Faculties in major European and American universities.

Centrale in the world

Founded at the request of the Chinese Government in 2005, the École Centrale de Pékin was the first French-language Engineering School in China. In partnership between the Ecoles Centrales Group (France) and the University of Beihang (China), the École Centrale de Pékin offers real advantages in terms of developing business links between France and China by creating a pool of bicultural and high-quality engineers for business and industry. 

In 2014, Mahindra École Centrale opened in India to Hyderabad (state of Andhra Pradesh in India) in association with the industrial group Tech Mahindra. It offers a 5 year integrated dual degree program in Engineering.

École Centrale of Casablanca (Morocco) has opened in 2015. Built on the model of École Centrale, the program "engineer" lasts three years

Projects are in progress concerning a future school in Brazil.

Centrale Initiatives

Together with the Ecoles Centrales of Lille and Nantes, Centrale Marseille is a member of the Centrale Initiatives Foundation, an important tool for the future development of these institutions. 

Centrale Innovation

Centrale Innovation Together with the Ecoles Centrales of Lille and Nantes, Centrale Marseille is a member of Centrale Innovation, a subsidiary for the valorization through privileged partnerships with enterprises.